July 23, 2017

Voices & Words

In this army of voices ringing with angst

Yours was the loudest

And you let us ride this surge of power

We felt it crawling in our skin

We felt numb and, together

We wanted to break the habit

And we heard your voice

Talking to us, reaching out

From the unknown depths of your being

But how far deep does one need to read

Between the lines

To trace the words back to the source

To feel the contorted syllables

Not only on the tip of our tongue

To read the silences which echo everything

That could not be put in words

And now, the silence speaks

But our countless voices join together

To keep your echoes alive

Till the end.

And it does matter.

#101DaysofPoetry Day 3



  1. In your silence I
    Read what long has been kept
    Behind bars storm lies

    1. We chase our storms down, don't we? :)

  2. Yea I understand this closely. I wrote a piece for Chris Cornell when he died. It's so eerie to see someone who you've looked up to to just pass in such a sad way. Chris's death shook me from the inside and then Chester's death followed which just madr it all the more sad. Hard to fathom .

    1. It is quite a blow. Linkin Park was a band that somehow grew with me, from their earlier more angst-y songs, to the mellow phase of a lot of synth, and now, blending themselves to something very contemporary like EDM. Also, their lyrics lived up to their music.


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