March 10, 2021


it's strange when an opened door

that would lead me to myself

opens instead to emptiness

i whisper and i yell

i thought i knew what i left back here

hidden away in time

would still be here when i came back

these echoes speak otherwise

and as i stare into this room

the nothingness stares back

i drift and i deteriorate

i don't know where i'm at

the cobwebs of the decades

all spent while on the run

have, in their own nasty ways

lingered under the sun

and i see again my body

the bite marks, they don't fade

healed, maybe, or make-believe

i really cannot say

i know i fought, i know i ran

so much i did let go

and yet i stand where i stood

that long, long time ago

but what has changed, what I see

is perhaps a clean slate

i can now pull the curtains back

for the sun, i wait

and maybe this emptiness

will be a lighter load

than the baggage of the days

i did unknowingly hoard

i am still lost, i am not found

i feel as light as air

some days my feet would touch the ground

some days i won't be here.

March 7, 2021

Night Wind

The soft night wind

when it enters

ruffles the curtains

un-silencing them

and prodding some life

into the stiff straight blues

then it gathers itself

and pushes through

finding you

distracted and decentered

plugged into moments 

miseries and memories

it pulls you back softly

into the now

where its cool touch

holds you still

holds you close

in this soft, silent space

your home

your own