January 3, 2019

Weather Songs

The wheels of time turn
each epoch into a new story
and looking out
the sun always finds
some new odds and ends of existence

these blue elastic days
stretch an empty story over the margins
vying for a drunken dream
and a burnt sky looks back
with a worried look
when small talk runs dry

the rain is silent when it comes
its presence felt only in
the softness left behind
and the green sings
a new song of remembered words

how can I possibly not sing along?

October 7, 2018


too real for heaven
and too comfortable for hell
what is this place

a touch 
that reads the legend and lore of a dying heart
lingers a little longer
on the edges that hurt most

a presence
like morning breaking through the clouds
after a long night

whose is this heart
that has bled and healed
just like mine?