September 4, 2017


the restless birth of a new day

surrounds me

as I swim through a sea of lives

the chaos is contagious

its howls drown the roar of time

which ticks away

so inconveniently

and interrupted so

with a voice that sings of infinite love

a fable from forgotten times

no one remembers the lovers

or their ambitious love

the speakers fall silent

and chaos returns

to swallow the echoes
of their presence.

#101DaysofPoetry Day 9

August 26, 2017


To define a need
is to label an ocean
sinking the same shore
that contains it

filled up to the brim
and then some

but the sinking shore holds on
and the waves
erase and rewrite
the same story
a thousand odd times

or a thousand different stories
each time

the need is the voice they no longer have
but these words, they no longer need

perhaps the need is mine
to feel this primal romance
now lost in translation.